Where to Find the Best Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf

With its beautiful historic old town and picturesque Rhine riverfront setting, Düsseldorf is a popular destination to visit for people who love Christmas markets. Given its close location to my home city of Cologne, I didn’t waste any time taking the short train ride up to Düsseldorf to explore the Weihnachtsmarkt. The city’s Christmas markets are known for their festive atmosphere with stalls selling traditional handmade crafts, ornaments, and gifts. I have organized this blog post as a walking route, proceeding between the different markets in an efficient and logical way. You can think of this as your Düsseldorf Christmas Market walking path!

Like most Christmas markets in Germany, the markets in Düsseldorf typically run from late November to just before Christmas, making them the perfect place to get into the holiday spirit. You’ll find unique gifts for loved ones while drinking a few too many glühwein. Visitors can also enjoy delicious food and drink, including fried potato pancakes and roasted almonds. You can even sample the local beer from Düsseldorf – Altbier – at several of the Christmas markets. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the magic of Christmas in Düsseldorf!

The Very Best Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf

Ferris Wheel Christmas Market

With an iconic Ferris wheel backdrop on the banks of the Rhine River, start your Christmas market tour of Düsseldorf in Burgplatz. Aptly named “The Big Wheel”, the Ferris wheel offers sweeping views over the city and the Rhine river. It is surrounded by other whimsical carnival rides and Disney-esque stalls. Offering a more child-friendly experience than some of the other markets in Düsseldorf, the clientele leans towards families with kids. There isn’t much shopping here, and most of the stands are food-related. This Christmas market has an atmospheric vibe especially on a sunny day!

Handcrafted Christmas Market at Marktplatz

Located in Düsseldorf’s main town square just steps away from the Burgplatz, you’ll find a picturesque small market with about 30 stands all featuring handmade and handcrafted gifts. This is the most popular Christmas market in Düsseldorf, and because of its dainty size, sometimes there is a line to get it. Some of the craft highlights you can expect are delicious chocolate truffles, wooden kitchenware and hand-painted candle holders, among other holiday gifts and decor. Surrounding the equestrian statue of Elector Jan Wellem, this Christmas market turns up the charm with matching red stalls, a large Christmas tree, and a life-sized nativity scene. 

One thing that you should absolutely drink at this Düsseldorf Christmas market is the Feuerzangebowle. This one in particular is the best I’ve ever had. It translates directly to ‘fire tongs punch’, but basically this is a boozier Glühwein. Rum or brandy is poured over a sugar cube that is resting on a tong or stick above your Glühwein filled cup. Then it is lit on fire and the whole thing melts into your mug. When the flame goes out, it is ready to drink! 

Altstadt Christmas Market

Meander from the city hall eastwards along Flingerstrasse. This pedestrian only area has a smattering of free-standing Christmas stalls with a picture-perfect background of Dusseldorf’s old town architecture. I think there is an exceptionally cute design to the stands along this street, including the Christmas pyramid Glühwein stand in the center! While the stands look beautiful along this stretch, the selection is pretty standard.

Angel Market in Heinrich-Heine-Platz

Perhaps the prettiest of all the Christmas markets in Düsseldorf, the Engelchen or Little Angel Market is designed in a classy Art Nouveau theme. When I think of the quintessential Düsseldorf vibe, this is the market that most embodies it – a little bit posh, a little bit fancy, and quite pretty. The stands feature carved wooden cherubs and wrought iron angels, painted in gold and white to create a high-end look. Using clever lighting design, the angels are highlighted in a warm golden hue that evokes a heavenly feeling.

The music pavilion in the center of the Angel market is the pièce de résistance. String lights and glass ornaments are hung up inside the gazebo to illuminate the pop-up bar, which feels like something out of a movie set. I can definitely recommend sipping down a Glühwein or two in this pavilion as you watch over the market below.

Kö Lichter Market Along Königsallee

Less of a market and more of an ice skating experience, the winter village along Königsallee is one of the centerpieces of Düsseldorf’s holiday offerings. Königsallee is known to be one of the most luxurious shopping streets in Europe, so you can imagine that the Christmas decorations are equally as luxurious. The shop windows are gorgeous, the magical lights are expertly designed and in general, there is such an enchanting feeling along Königsallee in December. This was the first Christmas market that Sam and I visited in Düsseldorf, and we wound up spending hours here. The people watching on the ice skating rink is spectacular, and the drinks at the two story wooden structure are great.

White Christmas Market in Schadowplatz

With a Scandinavian-inspired White Christmas theme, this is another vibey Christmas market in Düsseldorf that feels perfectly situated in this city. Simple stands are cladded in white wooden panels and topped with lighted white stars and wintery scenes, creating a cozy holiday feeling. This market is surrounded by modern architecture, like the Kö-Bogen, as well as shops, so this is a great place to stop in between last-minute holiday shopping. The tall frosted glass mugs from this market in 2021 were my favorite of all the Düsseldorf market mugs.

Kö Bogen Christmas Market

Sitting smack dab in between two of the coolest buildings in Düsseldorf, I really love the new location of the Kö-Bogen Christmas market in Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz. It used to be located across the train tracks in the modern Kö-Bogen shopping center; but, it was moved here in 2021 after the area went through a revitalization. On one side of the market, you will see the wavy minimalist Schauspielhaus theater, while the other side is flanked by Kö-Bogen II, a living building with tiers of greenery. It is actually Europe’s biggest green building and it is one of the city’s most photographed spots. 

The modern architecture of these two iconic buildings is contrasted with the Christmas market, which has a rustic and traditional look. There is almost a Middle Ages design to this market, similar to the medieval Christmas market in Munich. Just look at that adorable roasted chestnut stand in the photo below. Obsessed! I think the food at this market is the best in Düsseldorf, especially the Käsespätzle and the flamed salmon.

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