Complete List of the Best Secondhand Shops in Berlin

It is no secret that second hand shopping and pre-loved fashion are on the rise – ask any Gen Zer or TikTok fan – and with good reason! Shoppers spend less money, have a more unique style, and benefit the planet. Win, win, win! It’s an easy swap to make. 

Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been doing the second hand fashion game for a while. I stopped buying newly produced clothing in 2017, electing to wear only secondhand clothing for ethical and environmental reasons. Don’t believe me? Check out 5 years of my style progression on my thrift style Instagram account! I guess that makes me a secondhand hipster? 

Regardless, thrift shopping is one of my favorite pastimes and I always make time for it when I travel. In fact, I prioritize it. I love checking out vintage shops in new cities. On my recent trip to Berlin, I researched thrift shops ahead of time because I knew how many there were. Berlin has by far the largest assortment of thrift stores and vintage stores in Germany. 

A great second hand store lies around basically every street corner in Berlin – it’s staggering how many you’ll come across. The vintage selection is abundant, offering everything from luxury boutiques with designer duds to unique thrift stores specializing in capsule styles and collections. In this blog post, I am summarizing my favorite thrift, secondhand and vintage shops in Berlin to help you find the coolest clothes around.

Complete List of the Best Secondhand Shops in Berlin

Thrift & Charity Shops

ReSales Berlin

ReSales is the country’s largest clothes reseller. Think of it as the Goodwill or Salvation Army of Germany. Always offering a wide selection of pre-owned apparel as well as accessories and shoes, ReSales has super affordable prices. The quality varies widely, so I would recommend inspecting the items carefully before buying anything. Contemporary styles and brands are the norm here, but you’ll find the occasional vintage gem or designer item. There are a number of locations around Berlin and it can sometimes be crowded. 

  • Website: 
  • Address: Multiple locations. I like the one near Tiergarten (Potsdamer Str. 105)
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday from 9:30am – 7pm

Humana Secondhand

One of the largest thrift shop chains in Germany is Humana, and you’ll find their shops in most of the major cities. Berlin is no exception. There are a dozen or so Humana locations around Berlin, so you are likely to stumble on one while exploring the city. The selection here is big and not always curated, so expect to hunt a little bit for treasures. The quality and brands vary, but you can definitely find some great items. I find the prices to be really reasonable, and the styles are consistently good. There is usually a small vintage section in their stores too. 

  • Website: 
  • Address: Multiple locations around Berlin. I like the one in Friedrichshain (Petersburger Str. 3)
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday from 10am – 8pm


This small German chain has both secondhand and upcycled clothing at really good prices. I initially discovered them on Instagram, and the Kleiderei shop in Cologne quickly became of my favorites. Plus I found some incredible things in the Kleiderei store in Freiburg, so naturally I had to check out the flagship location in Berlin. The staff here is always cheerful and approachable with a great selection of pieces that feel cool and on-trend. Lots of good basics and staples.

Pick n’ Weight

Pay by weight! That is the motto at Pick n’ Weight. Each item of clothing will have a colored tag that relates to a price. You’ll weigh all of the items when you check out, or you can check the price at one of the weigh stations around the store. Pick n’ Weight specializes in unique vintage clothes, and their styling is always super creative. Make sure to have a look at the mannequins for outfit inspiration! There are a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces and the store is sorted by color and style for easy browsing. Personally, I find the prices to be a little high, but I like that Pick n’ Weight is always consistent – I walk in and know that I can find something cool.   

Vintage & Curated Secondhand Shops

Vintage Revivals

Part of a chain in Germany, Vintage Revivals is one of my favorite secondhand clothing stores. I think they have great sourcing with a mixture of contemporary and vintage pieces. They sort their clothing in an androgynous rainbow sorted way, grouped based on product category. You’ll find jackets, blazers, band t-shirts and lots more. I can almost always find something I like in a Vintage Revivals shop. 


The first time I stepped into Loretta, I am pretty sure I had a tiny orgasm. I love this place! It is packed to the gills with nice items at bargain prices. The owner Susan handpicks most of the items, and her taste is great. You’ll find high-quality pieces, especially layering items and basic pieces, like denim and white shirts. Loretta also specializes in a wide range of cool shoes and accessories. One time, I found three pairs of pristine leather boots here! This might be my favorite on the whole list.

Allet Schick

Step inside this narrow Kreuzberg shop to find some of the best vintage items in all of Berlin. The stylish owner is often working (when she isn’t out sourcing new items) and her taste is spectacular. There are true fashion treasures to be found here! The prices aren’t too high either. In general, I think this place is great. Many of the clothes were too bold for my style, but the accessories here are impeccable, especially handbags. There is also a ton of beautiful costume jewelry downstairs that is worth pursuing. 

Let Them Eat Cake

Offering an exceptional collection of 1970s pieces as well as club attire from Berlin’s 90s grunge days, Let Them Eat Cake is a place to come if you have a specific piece in mind. There is a good chance you’ll find it! The shop is owned by a Swedish woman who used to work for chic fashion houses, so her eye for items is as good as it comes. The Neukölln shop is really neat and tidy, so it has a high-end feel. Plus, the racks are never over-packed or crowded, which makes browsing comfortable. 

Kims Second Hand Boutique

You won’t find this secondhand shop mentioned on most lists about vintage shopping in Berlin, but I really like it. It doesn’t feel like your average secondhand shop, thanks in part to the stucco ceiling and blue & gold plastered wall treatment. There is a high-end but cozy feeling to the store. Selling predominantly brand-name merchandise and one-of-a-kind items by well-known designers, you can expect the price point to be a little bit higher. I tried on this amazing mohair jacket here that I am kicking myself for not buying. The staff is welcoming and helpful, offering some great tips for styling unique items. 


Soeur stands out for its curated selection of designer secondhand clothing. It is quite a collection, especially for designer shoes. From Balenciaga to Prada, I was really impressed with the quality of the selection in the shop. The prices are high, but the pieces are worth investing in, thanks to the emphasis on timeless and elegant pieces.

Haha You’re Ugly

For eccentric streetwear items and off-beat vintage, there is nowhere better than Haha You’re Ugly. The tongue-and-cheek name of the shop sets the stage for a shopping experience that is anything but ordinary. All of the staff dress in the trendiest secondhand outfits, and are almost intimidatingly stylish. The range of vintage items is exceptionally cool, and the style definitely isn’t for everyone. But the brand has a cult-like following among Berlin’s hippest, so their Friedrichshain shop is worth checking out if you want to push the boundaries of your style. 

Lena’s Lovely Vintage

Specializing in womenswear with a feminine style, Lena’s Lovely Vintage is indeed lovely. The shop is bright, well-organized, and feels like a high-end boutique. Ranging from the 1950s to the 1990s, every piece is hand-selected to ensure premium quality. Items like eye-catching gowns and leather trench coats to American sports apparel and lace nightgowns will have you swooning. The selection here is beautiful! Plus, the tags include little notes about the items, giving you a small story about the piece. The prices fairly reflect the care and work that went into sourcing the items. 


Standing for “made out of trash,” Moot is a trendy upcycle shop that collects second hand materials from donations as well as mass wholesalers. Then, it creates new jackets, tops and pants from the materials. I visited in the winter, and I was completely obsessed with their upcycled wool jackets. The plaid and houndstooth pattern mixing is spot on! Their thoughtfully curated collection caters to fashion-forward individuals looking for on-trend and eco-friendly pieces. 

  • Website: 
  • Address: Schönhauser Allee 46A, 10437 Berlin
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday 11 am–7 pm 

Trash Schick

A go-to spot for Berlin’s most savvy second hand shoppers, Trash-Schick is popular. Their selection of unusual and unique items draws shoppers from near and far. The selection is massive too. You could easily spend a few hours digging through here. Plus, you can usually find some affordable designer items tucked in the racks. I find the atmosphere at Trash-Schick to be warm and welcoming, like everyone drops their pretension at the door. The staff are the heart of it, always greeting you with a friendly smile and can answer any of your questions. 

Who Killed Bambi?

Giving off a total Gen-Z vibe, Who Killed Bambi? is a quirky Berlin secondhand shop known for its eclectic mix of vintage and alternative fashion. Located just across from Hackeschermarkt, this shop is easy to find and full of interesting pieces. I think it has a very on-trend collection. You’ll also find a curated selection of new items, such as locally made jewelry and sunglasses. 

Dress Code Vintage

This basement shop on a quiet street in Bergmannkiez would be easy to pass if you weren’t on the hunt for it. But it is well-worth the stop, because their selection of items from the 1970s – present is excellent. Dress Code Vintage has rooms and rooms of well-sorted treasures to hunt through. I love how many categories of clothes they feature here, like vests, swimwear and wedding dresses. Plus there is a sizable mens section. I think the prices were really reasonable, affordable even. I bought this amazing kilim puffer vest there that I am obsessed with! 

Vintage & Rags

Focused on American brands, Vintage & Rags distinguishes itself with a diverse range of high-quality vintage clothing and accessories. This is the perfect place to come if you are looking for vintage Levis or Converse shoes. The shop showcases styles from different eras with a special emphasis on vintage sports jerseys and street wear. Personally, I think the prices are way too high for what you get, and the staff is usually not friendly.

  • Website: 
  • Address: Inside Bikini Mall at Budapester Str. 38-50
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am – 8pm

Soul & Style 

Soul & Style is a Berlin secondhand store celebrated for its bohemian and vintage-inspired offerings, reflecting a laid-back and free-spirited aesthetic. I really like the selection here, because it has approachable items and quirky items. The staff are friendly and talkative, which is rare in Berlin. 

Koku Secondhand Store

If you are on the hunt to find a secondhand pair of Dr. Martens boots, Koku Secondhand Store is the place to go. I was blown away by the wall of boots! Despite its limited hours, Koku is a Berlin gem known for its emphasis on classic staples like boots and bags.

This post was originally published in October 2022, and updated in January 2024 after a return visit to Berlin.

Have thoughts or questions about secondhand shopping in Berlin? Tell me in the comments!

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