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Where to Find the Best Restaurants for Foodies in Berlin

Offering SO much more than the stereotypical German fare, Berlin’s restaurant scene is as diverse and multicultural as the city itself. Berlin is the beating heart of so many food movements happening in Germany right now–slow food, farm-to-table, veganism, fusion & experimentation–so it is no surprise that I, a self-avowed foodie traveler, was dying to visit. 

Of all the places that we have traveled to in Germany thus far, I was most excited to eat in Berlin. On my first visit to Berlin in 2020, I spent 5 days eating my way through Berlin, trying as many different places as I could. I have just returned from my second 5 day visit, and guess what – I followed the same exact strategy this time around. Why fix what ain’t broke?

As endless as the restaurant options may seem at first, I will help boil down the best places for foodies to eat in Berlin. I split up this restaurant guide by meal, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Berlin is a pretty large city and it has a culture of reservations, so if you are traveling on the weekend, I would recommend booking ahead for most of your dinners.

These are the best restaurants & street food stalls for foodies to try in Berlin, Germany!

Breakfast & Brunch

House of Small Wonder — Johannisstraße 20

Stylish and delicious? That’s a guaranteed recipe for me to visit! House of Small Wonder in Mitte is THE brunch place for trendy Berliners looking for Instagrammable Japanese-American brunch cuisine. If you aren’t interested in a full brunch, there is also a counter on the ground floor for coffee orders. You’ll also find it on my Berlin coffee shop guide for that reason!

The brunch menu at House of Small Wonder offers an ala-carte option, but the much better value is the brunch set where you will get the choice of 4 brunch dishes, a hot drink and orange juice for only €22. The dishes in the brunch set are slightly smaller than the menu options, but it is still a TON of food! Sam and I didn’t finish ours. My favorite items were the taco rice and the croque madame, but honestly all of the dishes were super yummy. I

Zeit für Brot – Multiple Locations

One of the most beloved bakery chains in Berlin is Zeit für Brot, which translates as ‘Time for Bread’. These stylish, minimalist cafes create fantastic quality breads and pastries. Even with multiple locations around the city, it is not uncommon to see a line out the door for these baked treats. I’ve tried a number of things on the menu, and a few highlights include the pretzel croissants, the cinnamon buns, the carrot cake and the sourdough loaf. There are plenty of options to take away as well, including hearty sandwiches and espresso.  

GapShap – Güntzelstraße 19 

South Indian food isn’t necessarily the first thing that people think of when it comes to brunch fare, but after a long night hitting the Berlin bar scene, its actually so much more satisfying than you think. GapShap has been a quirky spot in an offbeat location for a while, but they recently started offering a weekend brunch. The dishes are rich with flavorful, but approachable in the AM. Think egg or veggie dosas, cardamom french toast and an Indian English breakfast. Wash it all down with a delicious chai latte or salty lemonade. Ordering a mango lassi is another great choice.  

BICHOU Bistro & Cafe — Schönstedtstraße 14

This quiet cafe in Neukolln is a simple place to start your day with a healthy French-inspired brunch. Their menu changes pretty regularly, as it is crafted to make the best of fresh, seasonal and organic produce. You’ll find tasty quiches, house baked bread and dairy-free yogurt to accompany one of Berlin’s best cups of coffee.

Casual + Fast Lunch Spots

Konak Izmir — Reichenberger Str. 10

Although slightly less famous than doner kebab, köfte sandwiches are no less delicious! Composed of meat sausages (usually lamb and beef) inside of a soft baguette bun, kofte sandwiches will typically include fresh herbs, sauces and vegetables. They are lovely, and the best one in Berlin can be found at Konak Izmir in Kreuzberg. You can either take out or dine in at one of their small tables, which I would definitely recommend because it is a lively place for regulars. When we were there, the staff was chatting demonstratively with the patrons and it was clear they had an existing relationship. 

Mogg – Auguststraße 11 

For somewhat obvious and tragic reasons, finding a Jewish deli in Germany is difficult. Bagels and pastrami are two foods that I miss most from Chicago. Tucked inside a former Jewish girls school, Mogg solves one of those problems with their perfect pastrami. This place is the real deal – it has even been endorsed by the New York Times as rivaling Jewish delis in New York. The menu is pretty simple and small, featuring a few sandwiches and sides, including a pastrami reuben and New York style cheesecake. Served on seeded rye bread with a juicy swipe of homemade thousand island dressing, the pastrami is piled high alongside a cup of coleslaw and thick cut pickle making for the perfect reuben.

Imren Grill — Boppstraße 10

Rated as one of the best spots in Berlin for a beef döner kebab, Imren Grill takes each component of the kebab seriously, from the fresh baked flatbreads to the house-made sauces. What I found particularly interesting about the döner kebab here is the spice seasoning. It is a unique flavor full of clove, cinnamon and cumin. It’s almost like a holiday-flavored kebab! With very late hours, this is a perfect spot to come for late-night snacking.

Markthalle Neun — Eisenbahnstraße 42

Like many other foodie cities around the world, Berlin has embraced the food hall trend and Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg is the undisputed best. The beautiful interior of this revitalized building will strike you immediately, but the real stars are all the culinary vendors inside. Try to plan your visit for a Thursday when some of the city’s best food trucks pop up inside the market.

Even if you miss Thursdays, there will be plenty of other delicious foods to try such as a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with kimchi from AltMilche or U.S.-style barbecue at Big Stuff. Wash down your food with a craft beer from Heidenpeters or a mate-influenced gin & tonic from Soul & Spice.

Konnopke’s Imbiss — Schönhauser Allee 44b

Germans love their currywurst, a stable cuisine across the country, and this is true even in Berlin, the vegan capital of Europe. Konnopke’s is one of the best known currywurst stands in the city, and for good reason! The curry sauce at Konnopke’s is memorable because it has the right balance of sweet and spicy while also offering a nice peppery finish. The casing on these bratwursts was a little unusual, but didn’t distract from the delicious flavors. They even offer a vegan currywurst to cater to the local demographic!

Burgermeister — U1 Schlesisches Tor

Berlin seems to be synonymous with burgers, and you’ll see famed burger restaurants all around the city. Since this is Sam’s favorite food, I knew we would be eating at several burger joints during our 5 days in Berlin and at the top of the list was Burgermeister. The original location is underneath the Schlesisches Tor U-Bahn station in the middle of a busy street built inside a former public toilet — is this whetting your appetite yet? Rest assured, the burgers here are LEGIT. You can order single or double patties with a variety of different toppings, such as mushrooms, swiss cheese or American cheddar. Make sure to get the delicious beef fat fries!

Delicious Yet Casual Dinners

Wagner Bistro — Paul-Lincke-Ufer 22

The cozy and intimate vibe of Wagner Bistro’s canal-side restaurant makes you want to stay and chat and eat for hours. I think that is the intention! Specializing in cocktails and a small plate menu, the food here is modern but approachable. My favorite dish was slices of mortadella on top of a fried dough pillow with cilantro oil and pickled jalapenos. Their sourdough bread was the best that we had in Berlin with a perfect crunchy outside and spongy moist inside. 

Ryu — Krossener Str. 17

Authentic Vietnamese food is the star of the show at this Friedrichshain eatery. The faux tree in the center of the dining room grounds the restaurant, and the friendly staff make you feel right at home as you enjoy the delicious fried and fresh goodies that come out of this kitchen. A few favorite dishes that we got here were the BangBang Waffle and the Crispy Shell gyoza dumplings, as well as the super star Udon Beef. 

Lon-Men’s Noodle House – Kantstraße 33 

Dishing up some simple and delicious Taiwanese food, this hole-in-the-wall spot is located on a busy stretch of Kantstraße. You might even walk right past Lon-Mens, except there is almost always a crowd milling outside waiting for one of the tables at this tiny restaurant. The menu features an assortment of genuine and traditional Taiwanese dishes, including noodle soups, bao buns and fried dumplings. Don’t miss the gua bao (rice buns filled with duck), which was my favorite thing. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan friendly options as well. Turnover is fast so even if there is a wait, you’ll probably be sat quickly.

The Bird Berlin — Am Falkpl. 5

Sometimes called the best burger in Berlin, the Bird was like a shot of US culture straight to my main vein. It is so clear that this place is run or owned by someone who has spent a lot of time in the US, because it has many things that are quintessentially not European — free water, rolls of paper towels on the table, and abundant tableside sauces. Plus, their burgers are awesome. Layered with cheese and fried onions and other grease-dripping toppings, this is a burger that will stop your heart but damn will it taste good on the way down!

Tisk Speisekneipe – Neckarstraße 12 

Inventive farmhouse cuisine, straight from their local farm 100km away from Berlin, is the speciality at Tisk Speisekneipe. The restaurant is located on a quiet corner in Neukölln in a chic space with thoughtful design choices. I especially liked the green glazed tiles behind the curved bar as well as the linen curtain installation along the ceiling. It feels immediately welcoming. As a farm-to-table restaurant, the menu is incredibly seasonal changing weekly. On our visit, I absolutely loved the quick pickled chanterelle mushrooms with crispy fried swiss chard, as well as the soft poached egg in a mustard cream sauce. The prices, especially on wine, are totally reasonable, making this a nice spot for an affordable date night.

Upscale Dinners

893 Ryotei – Kantstraße 13 

Offering a menu full of Japanese-Peruvian fusion, 893 Ryotei pushes the boundaries and nails it. We didn’t have a bad dish during our 3 hour meal here. Simply put, I loved it. Sampling a variety of the sashimi and small plates, each dish seemed to be more delicious than the last. The sashimi moriawase plate is a great place to start, followed by the delightful taquitos – who knew black truffle, raw tuna, wasabi avocado and corn tortillas could work so perfectly together! If you want some excitement, request a seat at the sushi bar when you make your reservation. You’ll see the talented knife skills, blow-torching chars, and delicate details of the chefs as they assemble the restaurant’s intricate dishes.

Katz Orange – Bergstraße 22 

I am obsessed with the design and decor of Katz Orange. Turkish kilim pillows, vintage bookshelves lined with cookbooks and a massive ping-pong ball chandelier work together to create this cozy, quirky vibe that makes you feel like you’re eating dinner in the stylish home of an eclectic university professor. The whole restaurant is built inside a 19th-century brewery, and the exterior is dramatically lit up at night. It’s all impressive, and it sets the tone for the innovative yet approachable cuisine coming out of the kitchen. Highlighting seasonal ingredients, the menu changes regularly but there were a few standout dishes from our visit: wild herb salad with a raspberry vinaigrette and chanterelle mushrooms, homemade chicken sausage with raw fennel and a braised peach compote and buffalo-milk burrata with cherry tomatoes and an arugula pesto.

Tulus Lotrek — Fichtestraße 24

Sometimes when you walk into a Michelin-star restaurant, you immediately feel a little snooty and uptight. Tulus Lotrek is not one of those restaurants! The warm and welcoming environment with relaxed interior decor all adds to the charming experience of eating at this delightful restaurant. My favorite touch was the chalk written name from our reservation on our table!

I appreciate that the guest is the center of the experience here, giving you the choice of tasting menus between meat or vegetarian as well as the option to choose the number of courses between 6-8. The food is modern, sophisticated and creative with punchy flavors and unique combinations. Hands down our favorite dish was pan-seared sweetbread with beurre blanc and leek, but honestly all of the dishes were amazing. We walked away from Tulus Lotrek just saying over and over again how yummy it was!

Lode & Stijn — Lausitzer Str. 25

The modern and stylish Lode & Stijn dishes up classic Dutch + pan-European bistro plates with a level of refinement that might one day earn it a Michelin star. You’ll be handed a tasting menu upon arrival, which changes seasonally. The food is familiar and approachable, with a few interesting flavors to spark some inspiration. While we loved the food here, it was hard for us to overlook some issues with the front of house. The pacing and timing of our meal took an exceptionally long time (over 4 hours) in which we sat for 2 hours with only one dish and bread….

Mrs Robinsons — Pappelallee 29

The white-brick walls and minimalist decor of this shoe-box tiny restaurant is the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Mrs Robinsons. But it is the warm environment and knowledgeable staff that you’ll remember! The food here is hard to define, thanks to a diverse assortment of global influences. Think tacos and gnocchi and sourdough bread with pickles all on one menu. I found the prices and portion sizes to be a little mismatched, but the food is all delightfully delicious. 

Dessert & Sweets

Brammibal’s Donuts – Multiple Locations

With delightful branding in colorful pinks and blues, stepping into a Brammibal Donuts will immediately improve your mood. This is the undisputed home of doughnuts in Berlin. The best part? Everything is vegan! You wouldn’t know it though, because these decadent fried creations are rich, flavorful and the furthest thing from “health” food you can imagine. There is a classic menu with donuts like strawberry sprinkles and salted caramel, as well as the special menu with even more indulgent choices like tiramisu, red velvet and boston creme. Most people get a box of 4, 6 or 12 to go.  

Jones Ice Cream – Goltzstraße 3 

Located in an often-overlooked neighborhood, Jones Ice Cream in Schöneberg is worth a visit. It started as a food truck, but quickly grew a cult following, necessitating a brick-and-mortar location. The creative ice cream flavors here are delicious. You’ll find unique options like Black Sesame, PB&J, and earl gray shortbread, as well as beloved classics like vanilla caramel and coconut cream. Many of the choices are vegan!

Coda Dessert & Dining Bar — Friedelstraße 47

Leave room after one of your dinners in Berlin to enjoy a fine-dining dessert experience at CODA. One part high-end patisserie and one part experimental cocktail bar, this swanky spot in Kreuterkiez feels deeply luxurious. Their menu is anything but ordinary, with “dessert” dishes featuring ingredients such as black garlic or miso paste paired with fruits or cacao.

For our tasting menu, no extra sugar was added to the dishes and they were only enriched or sweetened using naturally occurring sugars, which means you’ll get some incredibly interesting combinations like plum and black soybean or grilled apple and shallots! A drink pairing comes with the menu, and it is equally as unusual featuring cocktails like beer mixed with sherry or madeira infused with Chinese black tea. You are in for a truly special experience when dining at CODA!

This post was originally published in April 2020 and updated in September 2022 after a return visit to Berlin.

Did I miss any of your favorite Berlin restaurants? Comment below with your suggestions!

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