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The Complete Guide to Cologne’s 12 Best Brunch Spots

Whether you are a traveler visiting Cologne on a city break getaway or a local resident looking for an energizing start to your weekend morning, one of Cologne’s amazing restaurants will have the perfect brunch for you. There are a number of great breakfast and brunch restaurants in Cologne, located all around the city. Some of the best spots are neighborhood joints you’ve never heard of before! After living in Köln for three years, I have tried many of the breakfast restaurants in the city. In this post, I am summarizing the best Cologne brunch spots so that you can enjoy the most important meal of the day! 

Traditionally brunch in Germany is a Sunday family affair; but the popularity of friend’s brunches and boozy brunches has been on the rise for the last few years. I am more than happy to see this trend — brunch is one of my favorite meals! Luckily Cologne has some great and popular Instagrammable locations perfect for hanging with friends. German breakfasts are stereotypically made up of cold meats and cheeses paired with freshly baked bread, which is also true at some of these brunch spots. Thankfully, there is plenty more variety to enjoy in Cologne’s brunch scene, including a great offering of cooked dishes and vegan friendly options too!

These are the 12 Best Brunch Spots in Cologne

Ehrenfeld Breakfast Spots

Die Mehlwerkstatt

Part coffee shop, part bakery, part airy cafe, Die Mehlwerkstatt is a great place to grab a quick bite with friends before wandering around Ehrenfeld, one of Cologne’s coolest neighborhoods. The bright white minimalist interior is chic and feels perfectly European modern. A scroll through their well-curated Instagram feed will have you swooning over their freshly baked loaves and sleek backdrop. The baked goods are exceptional, ranging from savory buns and croissants, to sweet rolls and pastry treats. You can also order sandwiches to go. Don’t miss out on their third wave coffee, roasted in partnership with a Cologne roastery.  

Café Caprista

The bright yellow exterior of Cafe Caprista is so recognizable. It will immediately draw you into the Capri holiday summer vibes. From the colorful tiled floor to the hanging sea of ​​lemons above your head, it offers the shot of sunshine you need during Cologne’s gloomy winters. Breakfast is available all day. The menu is Italian inspired but updated and elevated for the modern brunch go-er. Think Eggs Benedict with truffles or parmesan Frittata. 

Innenstadt Breakfast Spots


Have you ever wondered what a Michelin star brunch is like? Well look no further than Neobiota! This stylish restaurant on a quiet street near Neumarkt serves up globally influenced German fare prepared to perfection. The menu offers a quirky mix of breakfast dishes, which perfectly blend with contemporary surroundings. It is a great twofold concept seamlessly merging modern and appealingly uncomplicated. The brunch menu offers three different courses with ala-carte options, as well as house made bread.

Café Reichard

If you are looking for a brunch spot in the heart of Cologne (with a view of the Dom to boot!), Cafe Reichard is a reliable choice. This spot is admittedly touristy and a bit overpriced, but their cakes are genuinely delectable. Check out massive ice cream sundaes on a hot summer day. 

Südstadt Breakfast Spots


For a sweet breakfast that is well suited for vegan and allergen eating, look no further than Rotkehlchen. Somewhere between a coffee shop and a European cafe, Rotkehlchen’s menu features a number of baked goods, pies and cakes, as well as a rotating selection of daily specials, salads and sandwiches. There are three locations around Cologne, each cuter than the last. Their impeccable branding and adorable logo is on point, and each cafe has the adorable handpainted sign you see below. Typically Rotkehlchen has an order at the counter service, and on weekends it can get quite busy.

Südlicht Cafe

Just around the corner from the University of Cologne is one of the coziest cafes — Südlicht Cafe. It almost always seems to be drenched in sunlight and it has a warm atmosphere that welcomes students, young parents, and chatty friends. There are a few patio tables outside, as well as a spacious interior. Südlicht Cafe has the feeling of a neighborhood place, not in small part due to the attached shop with locally created art. Although the coffee here is lovely, the food is even lovelier. The menu is small with daily specials featuring seasonal and locally grown ingredients.

Cafe de Kok

On a quiet neighborhood corner in Zollstock is where you’ll find the simple but lovely Cafe de Kok. I like to meet friends here for a quick coffee and breakfast, especially on weekdays. There are lots of people who take business meetings in the cafe or use it as an office for the day. Their cute corner location looks over a small park, so there are a lot of moms who meet outside while their kids play. Their menu is limited, but you can be confident that everything on it is quality. Their baked treats, especially cakes, are great as well as their health-food options like the egg white toast or salads. 

Cafe Bo

The simple, no frills approach to brunch at Cafe Bo makes it such a comfortable place to start your day. It is just easy. The menu is fairly small, but everything on it is enjoyable. I just like it here. There are lots of vegan and vegetarian items on the menu, as well as a robust coffee list. For a neighborhood joint that you won’t find on most Cologne brunch guides, this is the place.

Belgian Quarter Breakfast Spots


CafeCafe is a health-forward urban eatery with several locations around Cologne. No matter the time of day, you can order breakfast here — the brunch menu is available all day. Because the menu has a strong focus on clean eating, you’ll find smoothies, salads, raw foods and vegan baked goods. Just because it is healthy, doesn’t mean it isn’t also delicious! CafeCafe is a nice place to come for brunch with friends, but also for a quick lunch midweek. I personally really like their chai and turmeric lattes.


Balthasar is one of the most stylish restaurants in Cologne and I am here for it! The plaster coated walls, leather banquette seating, and light filled back patio make it feel somehow timeless yet perfectly modern at the same time. I am obsessed with this space! Balthazar offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a brunch on the weekends. There is almost always a crowd here because it was one of the most well known brunch restaurants in the Belgian Quarter. You can’t make a reservation for brunch on the weekend, but the line usually moves pretty quickly if you arrive early.

St. Louis Breakfast

Swoon worthy Instagrammability meets all day breakfast fare at the St. Louis Breakfast. The stylishly designed space has photo opportunity after photo opportunity, including a cursive neon sign, faux living wall, disco balls and of course, funky plating for their food. The menu has a wide assortment of breakfast staples, all prepared with a global spin and international inspiration. Their pancakes and eggs Benedict are especially noteworthy. This is one of the most popular weekend brunch spots in Cologne, and you should probably make a reservation if you have more than 2 people. At night, St Louis turns into an LGBTQI+ disco dance bar with regular special events like drag shows and DJ nights.

Cafe Buur

Get a glimpse at the often silly, but always stylish Cologne influencer community at Cafe Buur. This Instagrammable brunch restaurant specializes in decadent and over-the-top breakfast dishes with a flair for funky plating. Think mac-n-cheese on a sandwich or Korean gochujang omelets. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan friendly items on the menu, and a scroll through their Instagram feed will be littered with images of the smoothie bowl.  I think the food is more hype than the quality, but the vibe is chaotic in a fun way. This is a cool place to come with friends, especially early on a weekend morning before the line out front gets too long.

Do you have questions about Cologne’s brunch restaurants? Comment below and I can help!

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