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Where to Find the Best Asian Restaurants in Berlin

If you’re a fellow foodie with an insatiable appetite for Asian flavors like me, then you’re in for a treat in Berlin. From fine dining Japanese to Thai street food, Germany’s capital city has an impressive selection of spots for top Asian food. Compared to other cities with good Asian food such as Düsseldorf or Cologne, I think Berlin particularly excels at regional Chinese cuisine. 

But I’m spilling the soy sauce on where to find the best Asian restaurants in Berlin. Whether you’re a chopstick pro or a novice noodle-nibbler, this guide is your passport to the delicious world of Asian flavors in Berlin. Get ready to wok and roll as we explore the bustling neighborhoods of Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg and more to discover the crème de la crème of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine.

Where to Find the Best Asian Restaurants in Berlin


Ming Dynastie

The first time I came here, I was with a group of students from Shenzen China – and let me tell you, their faces absolutely lit up as the food was set down on our massive lazy susan at the center of the table. They felt like they were dining back at home! This restaurant effortlessly marries tradition with modernity, offering a sophisticated yet comfortable Chinese dining experience. From the exquisite precision of their dim sum to the rich complexity of their Peking duck, each dish at Ming Dynastie is a masterpiece. If you want to try something new, go for one of their set menus which feature a variety of different regional favorites.

Lon-Men’s Noodle House 

Dishing up some simple and delicious Taiwanese food, this hole-in-the-wall spot is located on a busy stretch of Kantstraße. You might even walk right past Lon-Mens, except there is almost always a crowd milling outside waiting for one of the tables at this tiny restaurant. The menu features an assortment of genuine and traditional Taiwanese dishes, including noodle soups, bao buns and fried dumplings. Don’t miss the gua bao (rice buns filled with duck), which was my favorite thing. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan friendly options as well. Turnover is fast so even if there is a wait, you’ll probably be sat quickly.

Han West

Calling itself the home of Chinese dumplings in Berlin, Han West cranks out fast-casual dumplings and bao buns from their Neukölln location. And because it is Berlin, vegetarians and vegans will have just as many delicious choices as omnivores with varieties like minced pork or chicken, halloumi and lemongrass or miso tofu and cabbage. They are also trying a new concept at the Kreuzberg  location – ShuShu Chinese BBQ. Regardless of which spot you try, you are going to fall in love with this Chinese street food.

Wen Cheng

This viral TikTok sensation is more than just hype – it is legit. I went in quite skeptical but was quickly won over by the masterful blend of Sichuan and Shanxi flavors. Unless you come early, expect to wait in line outside for at least 15 minutes (but upwards of an hour). It will be worth it though. Wen Cheng’s menu showcases hand-pulled noodles in just a couple of simple dishes, including the spicy Biang Biang noodles. Spicy here means SPICY, as in Sichuan spicy, so only order that if you’re prepared to sweat. But damn if it isn’t incredible! I also loved their logo and was very tempted by their cool merch.


As you step into Kong, you’re transported to a world where traditional Asian flavors meet contemporary vibes. Kong specializes in pan-Asian cuisine, offering a diverse array of dishes that span from Chinese and Japanese to Thai influences. The sleek and atmospheric interior design is unusual to find at Asian restaurants, and I am HERE FOR IT. Must-try dishes include their signature Kong Dumplings and the soy marinated soft tofu. 

Thai & Vietnamese

Bangkok Bites

This unassuming gem in Kollwitzkiez captures the essence of Thai street food. It is celebrated for its commitment to traditional Thai flavors with an emphasis on bold spices and fresh ingredients. The restaurant’s charm lies in its simple yet inviting interior, adorned with Thai-inspired decor that complements the vibrant dishes served. Among the favorites are the Tom Yum soup and Pad Kra Pao.

  • Address: Knaackstraße 22, 10405 Berlin 
  • Website: Facebook Page


Umami, named after the savory taste sensation, is celebrated for its Asian fusion cuisine, prepared with culinary craftsmanship and attention to detail. I love the staff here. They are SO friendly! The menu features a diverse range of Asian dishes, from Japanese sushi rolls to Thai curries to Vietnamese stir fried noodles. There is also an extensive tea menu and a great cocktail list. 


Authentic Vietnamese food is the star of the show at this Friedrichshain eatery. The faux tree in the center of the dining room grounds the restaurant, and the friendly staff make you feel right at home as you enjoy the delicious fried and fresh goodies that come out of this kitchen. A few favorite dishes that we got here were the BangBang Waffle and the Crispy Shell gyoza dumplings, as well as the super star Udon Beef. 



It is no secret that I love ramen, and I am very loyal to the ramen in Düsseldorf. But I knew I had to try at least a few spots in Berlin. Hako is a haven for ramen enthusiasts, offering an authentic Japanese ramen experience. From the rich broth to the perfectly chewy noodles, Hako specializes in various ramen styles, like Shoyu and Tonkatsu. Being Berlin, there are also several vegan options as well! The restaurant’s commitment to quality ingredients and meticulous preparation ensures an unparalleled ramen experience.


The massive menu at Yama features all the Japanese classics you would expect – sushi, nigiri, ramen, Katsu – and at a surprisingly approachable price point. Situated in the heart of Prenzlauerberg, Yama offers traditional Japanese cuisine in a kitschy but cozy space. With attentive service and a menu that caters to both sushi enthusiasts and those seeking modern Japanese cuisine, Yama is a great place to come for groups.

893 Ryotei 

Offering a menu full of Japanese-Peruvian fusion, 893 Ryotei pushes the boundaries and nails it. We didn’t have a bad dish during our 3 hour meal here. Simply put, I loved it. Sampling a variety of the sashimi and small plates, each dish seemed to be more delicious than the last. The sashimi moriawase plate is a great place to start, followed by the delightful taquitos – who knew black truffle, raw tuna, wasabi avocado and corn tortillas could work so perfectly together! If you want some excitement, request a seat at the sushi bar when you make your reservation. You’ll see the talented knife skills, blow-torching chars, and delicate details of the chefs as they assemble the restaurant’s intricate dishes.

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