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A Foodie’s Guide To Berlin’s Best Bakeries And Brunch Spots

Since moving to Germany four years, I must admit that the Germans have fundamentally changed my opinion on a few things. The number one contender: Bread.

I love bread. You can just imagine me as that Oprah gif. 

Germans are VERY good at baking bread, and their skills are on full display in the capital of Berlin. As the nation’s foodie hub, Berlin is a city that knows how to rise to the occasion when it comes to delightful pastries, hearty bread, and Instagram-worthy brunches. If you’re a fellow carb enthusiast or just someone on the hunt for the perfect brunch spot, you’re in for a treat – both literally and figuratively.

Join me on this doughy journey where we’ll knead our way through the city’s top bakeries, from hidden gems to well-loved classics. Get ready to embark on a carb-loaded adventure through the heart of Berlin as I unveil all of my favorite bakery and brunch spots.

A Foodie’s Guide To Berlin’s Best Bakeries And Brunch Spots

Best Bakeries in Berlin


Tucked far back in the Sophie-Gips-Höfen in a quiet corner of Mitte, Sofi is a trendy bakery that opened in 2021 to much fanfare from Berlin locals. It might just be the best bakery in all of Berlin! While breads such as rye or sourdough are the specialty at Sofi, the prowess of the pastry cannot be denied. Twice-baked croissants filled with almond or pistachio cream are particularly nice. Come early to sample the secret star – crispy croissant morning buns. I am a big fan of the gorgeous aesthetics here. From the lime wash walls to a woven basket chandelier, Sofi gives you the feeling of an island hotel in the heart of Berlin.

Brammibal’s Donuts

With delightful branding in colorful pinks and blues, stepping into a Brammibal Donuts will immediately improve your mood. This is the undisputed home of doughnuts in Berlin. The best part? Everything is vegan! You wouldn’t know it though, because these decadent fried creations are rich, flavorful and the furthest thing from “health” food you can imagine. There is a classic menu with donuts like strawberry sprinkles and salted caramel, as well as the special menu with even more indulgent choices like tiramisu, red velvet and boston creme. Most people get a box of 4, 6 or 12 to go.  


A small-batch neighborhood bakery will always make me swoon, and Gorilla hits all the right notes with their Neukölln (or Schöneberg) location. Sourdough serves as the foundation for many of Gorilla’s creations, including croissants, loaves and pastries. Don’t miss the Kouign-amann. There are also incredible Roman pizzas and focaccia tray bakes here! The small cafe overlooks the main bakery through massive glass windows, letting visitors enjoy the magic of the fermentation and baking process. They also have a great brunch here if you’re looking to savor and enjoy with friends! 


Unconventional yet deeply delicious flavors are the star of the show at Albatross Bakery. Think beetroot bread or pumpkin cream stuffed croissants. Everything in the pastry case will tempt you, so choose whatever looks delicious on that day. There are no wrong choices! This is one of the most acclaimed bakeries in Berlin, and supplies over 50 different cafes and coffee shops around the city. You can buy directly from the bakery for takeaway or dine-in at the small cafe.

Zeit für Brot

One of the most beloved bakery chains in Berlin is Zeit für Brot, which translates as ‘Time for Bread’. These stylish, minimalist cafes create fantastic quality breads and pastries. Even with multiple locations around the city, it is not uncommon to see a line out the door for these baked treats. I’ve tried a number of things on the menu, and a few highlights include the pretzel croissants, the cinnamon buns, the carrot cake and the sourdough loaf. There are plenty of options to take away as well, including hearty sandwiches and espresso.  

Best Breakfast & Brunches in Berlin

House of Small Wonder

Stylish and delicious? That’s a guaranteed recipe for me to visit! House of Small Wonder in Mitte is THE brunch place for trendy Berliners looking for Instagrammable Japanese-American brunch cuisine. The menu offers an ala-carte option, but the much better value is the brunch set where you will get the choice of 4 brunch dishes, a hot drink and orange juice for only €22. The dishes in the brunch set are slightly smaller than the menu options, but it is still a TON of food! Sam and I didn’t finish ours. My favorite items were the taco rice and the croque madame, but honestly all of the dishes were super yummy.


Berlin is a paradise for vegans – there is SO much vegan food around the city. There are also a number of dedicated vegan restaurants, including Greenfinch. Specializing in a small, rotating menu, this breezy cafe feels like something from an Australian beach down. The Prenzlauer Berg location is airy with tropical decor and a cheerful aesthetic. I absolutely loved the open-faced rainbow veggies sandwich, which was piled high with roasted veggies, avocado, red pepper hummus, microgreens and a lovely herb oil. 

Brekkie 44

Beloved local chain Brekkie 44 serves up one thing and only one thing – over stuffed egg sandwiches. Perfectly cooked scrambled eggs spill out from two large slices of toasted brioche bread. You can opt for extra toppings, such as cheese, bacon or avocado. And you should definitely add on the creamy garlic sauce! 


South Indian food isn’t necessarily the first thing that people think of when it comes to brunch fare, but after a long night hitting the Berlin bar scene, its actually so much more satisfying than you think. GapShap has been a quirky spot in an offbeat location for a while, but they recently started offering a weekend brunch. The dishes are rich with flavorful, but approachable in the AM. Think egg or veggie dosas, cardamom french toast and an Indian English breakfast. Wash it all down with a delicious chai latte or salty lemonade. Ordering a mango lassi is another great choice.  

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