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Where to Find the Best Asian Food in Düsseldorf

Anytime I am hankering for a hot bowl of ramen or a delicious plate of sashimi, I take the 40 minute train ride up to Düsseldorf from my home city of Cologne. While I love Cologne’s restaurant scene, Düsseldorf has some of the best Asian food in all of Germany. Even better than the Asian food in Berlin! If you’re as crazy about Asian food as I am, Düsseldorf is the place to be. In this comprehensive Asian food guide, I am revealing where to find the best noodles, sushi rolls, and ramen in Düsseldorf.

This might be surprising to learn, but the city has one of the largest Japanese diaspora populations in all of Europe. Some have even coined it “Tokyo on the Rhine”. You’ll notice neighborhoods like Japantown or Little Tokyo with shops and restaurants dedicated almost entirely to Japanese culture and food. But Japanese food isn’t the only delicious Asian cuisine you’ll find in Düsseldorf. From Korean to Chinese noodle houses, Asian cuisine stands out as a beacon of flavor, textures, and authenticity in Düsseldorf. Join me as I spill the tea (and maybe some ramen broth) on the must-try spots in town!

Where to Find the Best Asian Food in Düsseldorf

Japanese Restaurants in Düsseldorf


One of the most popular and delicious sushi restaurants in Düsseldorf has to be Yabese. It gets rather crowded, so it’s usually best to make a reservation in advance. But trust me, you’ll love the high-quality fresh sushi coming out of the kitchen here. It is really authentic! Prices are high, but the size of the portions makes up for it.


It is no secret that my husband and I love to go out for fancy Michelin star dinners as one of our hobbies. So you can imagine our thrill when we found out there was a Michelin star Japanese restaurant in Düsseldorf. Chef Yoshizumi Nagaya prepares thoughtful and bold Japanese flavors with European ingredients. From Wagyu beef to sushi and sashimi, excellent ingredients are on display at Nagaya. The dishes come out of the kitchen plated like art with creative elements and stunning dishware.


Dinner with a view! QOMO Restaurant & Bar is a high-end Japanese fusion restaurant sitting at the top of the Rheinturm tower. Ride the elevator up 172.5 meters (566 feet) where the door opens to the highest restaurant in town. The restaurant slowly spins around (it takes about 75 minutes) for a panoramic view of Düsseldorf. Sleek style and casual opulence defines the restaurant’s aesthetic as well as its menu. You’ll find creative sushi roll combinations, and high-end dishes like steak tartare and foie gras torchon. 

Korean Restaurants in Düsseldorf

Korea House

For traditional and typical Korean food, Korea House Restaurant is a delicious choice. The atmosphere is relaxed and cool. I find the staff are really friendly too. You have the option to order ala carte or your can opt for Korean barbeque. A few of my favorite dishes are Tofu Jjigae and Bulgogi Debbap. Don’t sleep on the Ban chan either. These are the free side dishes that come with your order, and they are great!

Vietnamese Restaurants in Düsseldorf

Phox Pho

Compared to other Asian cuisines, Vietnamese restaurants are a bit limited in Düsseldorf. The chef owners realized there was no pure Phở shop in Düsseldorf, which is where their business concept was born! I love the modern stylings of this restaurant – the open-plan kitchen, plants hanging from the ceiling and neon sign outside. The menu is concise, offering 3 versions of Phở soup (beef, chicken and vegan). All Phở variants come with a toppings plate, which includes Thai basil, bean sprouts, coriander, lemon and chilies. 

Noodle Restaurants in Düsseldorf

Naniwa Noodles & Soup 

Where the two Takumi shops focus on specific styles of ramen, Naniwa offers a wide variety on their massive menu. You’ll find many different types of ramen (and other noodle dishes) at this restaurant, so this is the perfect place to try a style you haven’t had before. They also have more vegetarian or vegan varieties than the other ramen shops on this list. I love that Naniwa’s flavors are clean and distinct, so that you can really get a sense of what, for example, shio or miso ramens are about. 

My Noodlehouse

I love the low-key, cozy vibes at My Noodlehouse. Plus, their ramen is delicious!! This small family owned restaurant makes its noodles in house, giving the soups and ramens are really authentic taste. The menu has a huge selection of noodles, Korean and Japanese style plus some picks from Thailand and China. It’s tasty, but it’s not the same as other ramen restaurants. Some dishes are really spicy too!

Ramen Restaurants in Düsseldorf


For a totally different type of ramen experience, try Takezo which is renowned for its TantanMen Ramen. This is a spicy Chinese version of ramen, which has been popularized around the world. I found that Takezo’s other ramens were a little bland and missing the finesse of flavors, but the TantanMen is genuinely delicious! It is perfectly spicy with the chili paste but then mellows out thanks to the rich flavors of fermented bean paste and pork belly. 


Arguably the most famous of the ramen shops in Dusseldorf, Takumi is the OG ramen restaurant in the city. It was opened by two brothers and specializes in Sapporo-style, a shoyu based ramen. The aged noodles are really the star of the show at Takumi. I had never eaten aged ramen noodles before, but they make a massive difference in the flavor. The noodles pack a punch and the texture is perfect. I personally thought the meat at Takumi was overcooked and I found the proportion of vegetable toppings too abundant, which distracts from the soup. 

Tonkatsu Takumi

As the name would indicate, the specialty at this ramen shop is Tonkotsu-style ramen. Tonkatsu Takumi was opened by one of the brothers from Takumi just a few blocks away from the original location, and now the two shops have a bit of a rivalry. It is all in good fun, but there are visitors who are pretty loyal to one or the other. This ramen shop combines the amazing aged noodles of Takumi with slightly more modern flavors and toppings. I love the black garlic tonkotsu here because pretty much every component of the soup is perfect — delicious aged noodles, well-balanced toppings, and of course rich flavor! Don’t miss their perfectly fried gyoza — the little pillow dumplings are the best way to start your meal! 

Takumi Chicken & Veggie 

While beloved Takumi staples still adorn the menu, I was impressed by the number of new options on the menu at the Chicken & Veggie outlet. Especially the vegan options. The broth has a clean, strong taste and the crispy fried veggies are delicious. Like all of Takumi’s locations, aged noodles are really the star of the show. 

Tokyo Ramen Takeichi

The specialty at Tokyo Ramen is chicken based broths and they CRUSH it. The portion sizes here are slightly smaller, but it doesn’t compromise the filling nature of a hot bowl of ramen. The toppings and noodles at Tokyo Ramen are simple and unassuming, which further highlights the incredible flavor of the rich chicken broth. It is meaty and full of umami flavor and truly delicious.

Do you have thoughts or questions about Asian restaurants in Düsseldorf? Tell me in the comments!

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